This could be for a number of reasons:

  • Make sure you are selecting the correct account type when linking to your account. For example, you will need to submit your credentials twice if you are trying to link your Chase Bank Account and your Chase Credit Card, even though you only need to enter once on the Chase site to see everything
  • Try logging into the destination site and confirm your credentials are correct
  • Make sure the destination site is not down for maintenance at the time you are trying to link the account
  • Confirm that there is no splash page upon logging in that you must acknowledge prior to accessing the account (i.e. New Terms & Conditions)
  • Navigate through the destination site in its entirety, as sometimes the error can occur due to only one page being inactive
  • Confirm your security questions and answers making sure to take note of spelling and case-sensitivity
  • Consider the time in which you are attempting to link the accounts. Errors can occur when the destination site or our site is undergoing a refresh (We go through a nightly refresh between 12am-3am ET)
  • Lastly, delete the account completely via the accounts page and attempt to re-link the account

If all else fails please contact us with the following:

  • The Error Message you are receiving
  • The Date and Time in which you were attempting to link your account
  • The name of the institution or service provider holding that account (i.e. Chase or Comcast)
  • The URL you normally go through to log into that account