You can add accounts via the Cashflow page as well. Just click on the Add an Account button and search for the various account types. Be sure to search various possibilities under which your institution could be listed . Also, be sure to link the appropriate account type. For example, if you have a credit card that is backed by Bank of America you will need to select “Bank of America – Credit Card” to link that credit card. You will need to select “Bank of America – Bank” to link your regular checking and savings accounts if you have those as well.


You can link all types of accounts. For example, you can link your mortgage accounts, investment accounts, even bills like your cell phone and electric bills.


When adding an account, you can choose to add a manual account or a linked account.


Linked accounts are the most ideal method for managing your profile, as your accounts will be automatically updated on a daily basis.


Manual accounts are maintained completely by you. You create your own transactions as they are made.