Month Overview

View an instant snapshot of your current month’s financial status and progress. You’ll see your total consolidated income and spending budgets, as well as your cash flow and leftover amount.


Bills and Alerts

View important alerts and upcoming bills for the next 30 days.


Recent Transactions

View your 10 most recent transactions across all of your accounts. You can also edit these transactions directly here—simply select the transaction and save your edit(s).


Top Spenders

View up to five categories in which you have spent the most for the previous 30 days. You’ll see what percentage each category makes up of your total spending. Note: It’s important to categorize any uncategorized transactions to get the most accurate picture of where your money is going.


Accounts Navigation

The accounts navigation table on the left side of the dashboard gives a basic snapshot total of the combined values for each account type. By clicking on and expanding any of those account types (i.e. Bank or Bills), you will be able to see the accounts independently along with their totals.


Tool Tips

There are tool tips (?) symbols placed throughout the entire site offering explanations of what the specific features are. If you click on those question marks, a pop-up will appear with the explanation of that section or feature.