You can choose to add linked accounts or manual accounts within the application.


Linked Accounts


The beauty of linked accounts is that they sync with your financial institution daily to retrieve the most current activity within your account. To add one, simply go to the ‘Linked Accounts’ tab on the ‘Add an Account’ page and search to find and verify your account (Keep in mind you can add any of your accounts with the institution—checking, savings, credit cards, etc.). From that point on, the system is automated. You’re done as far as keeping everything up to date!



Manual Accounts


Manual accounts exist in case you prefer to do all of your transactions on your own—they do not sync with your institution. You are responsible for all maintenance/updating of them. Manual accounts can also be used in the rare situation that your account is not one of the 16,000+ financial institutions or service providers supported by the application. With manual bank accounts, you can upload transactions via .QFX or .QIF files downloaded from your bank. Once you upload your files, you can use all of the features of the application without having to enter any security credentials. To add a manual account, go to the ‘Manual Accounts’ tab and enter your information.